Use power conditioner to turn off amp

Would it cause any ill effect if I use my power conditioner to turn on/off my int amp, DAC, and Squeezebox Touch ? Thanks
Your integrated amp may have some internal relays to 'soft start' which may or may not work with the external turn on.
You should ask the manufacturer.

Many amplifiers have a 'turn on 12 volt system' which can turn on the amp from a sleep mode.
If your amp has such, that would be best.

Turning on an amp from an external switch is a big 'hit' of current rush for the switch used. That switch may not be beeefy enough to last.
The switch in the integrated is certainly strong enough to hadle what it is designed to handle.

The smaller items I see no problem usingthe power conditioner.
A partial solution is the turn off the integrated amp with it's own power switch, then turn off the power conditioner to turn off the other stuff.
Then when you want to use again, turn on the power conditioner first, then the integrated amp.
Best solution.

I really would not use a conditioner as a main switch for any amp. The inrush of current may really upset the conditioner at turn on, and I think you would be risking damaging the power conditioner's main switch.
I use my old Adcom ACE515 for my amp and everything else. It's held up pretty well for maybe 15 years or so, and has never been upset.
I use an APC Power Filter for this purpose.

Some power conditioners aew intended to turn on/off your entire system. Some even have adjustable power up/power down delay outlets. Google the APC G5 or G50NETB2 power filters for details.
I own an ACE 515. The Adcom power switch does not turn on the amp (high power) sockets on it's back. They stay on all the time if it is plugged in.
The switch only turns off the other outlets, not the one for high powered items.
The power conditioner is the PS Audio Duet. The Unison Unico S6 integrated amp only can be turned on/off by its power switch. The reason I want to use the Duet to turn on/off the system is I'd like to minimize the wear and tear on the S6's switch and finish.
Elizabeth...My ACE515 has a sequencing system that kicks in when you hit the front switch turning on the preamp circuits (and anything else in those non-power amp outlets) first, and waits 10 seconds before powering up the amp plugs, which is sort of a main point of the thing...that and filtering. When switched off, it turns the amp plugs off immediately and the other stuff 30 seconds later. Of the 2 cords on it, one is a 3 prong main cable and the other is a 2 prong "switching" cable to allow it be be activitated by the switched plug in some preamps (like Adcom preamps).
You are plugging an amp into a conditioner? Try removing the conditioner and just leaving your gear on all the time, you'll be much happier.
I've plugged my amps into conditioners for many years after determining that they DO sound better that way and proving it to doubting friends. Depends on the conditioner/regenerator and, I suppose, the amps. Mine are currently (pun) PS Audio P10 and Tice Power Block III and the amps are SET monoblocks and powered subs.
I'm much happier turning my gear off when I'm not around (or overnight). For me the much discussed issue is simple: Leaving gear on 24/7 is wasteful self indulgence that yields very minimal or no sonic benefit and bugs the crap out of me. I've listened extensively with and without my trusty old ACE515 and it doesn't degrade anything. I might be lucky with that one. I do use a PS Audio Humbuster III to quiet amp transformers, and a couple of Pangea P100s that keep things stable and quiet, but after stuff warms up a bit it sounds great, and that's that.