Use pink noise disc to warm up stereo

It generally takes between 1-2 hours for my system to sound good.  It actually sounds really terrible when I first turn it on. 
I’ve found that if I place a pink noise disc in the tray and leave it on at low volume for a shorter time, my system comes to life.
Big difference from a cold start
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Are you sure it’s not a matter of the equipment just being on vs playing the pink noise cd ?
While I can't speak to your stereo, my experience is that it just needs to be on to warm up. Pink noise, though, is allegedly good for breaking in signal cables, where a signal needs to be passing through the cables. 

I'd be interested if you notice a difference between warm up with no noise and warm up with pink noise..
Of course it depends on the equipment. Tubes definitely need to warm up. Most SS designs should not change audibly if they are well designed and working well.
Mine starts to sound ok-ish after 45min. but really starts to shine after around 2h. I have SS gear!
I guess it depends upon how transparent a system is and how experienced your ears are...
Unless it's tubes, just leave it turned on. Completely eliminates the issue......
The reason I went to the pink noise is that “just leaving the system on” had little or no effect. Really comes to life with the pink noise warmup after about a half hour or so.  Just playing discs as normal takes more than an hour, sometimes two, before I’m really enjoying it.
This may be just my set. I have a CJ tube preamp and NuForce monoblock solid state amps.

Haven’t done any FDA-mandated, double-blind studies but I’m of a similar opinion as RVP. Processing signal vs simply powered up seems necessary to reach some kind of optimum performance level. Pink noise getcha there faster than music? Dunno, but track 9 from the XLO Test and Burn-In CD is the weapon of choice. Have been listening to a low power Class A ss amp from First Watt over the last week or so. Less than 100 hours on it now. It sounds good after the first hour playing music but after 6+ hours or so, it is really magic...or at least that’s what I think which, ultimately, is all that matters in this pastime.
I I thought we had already discussed the warm-up vs. no warm-up topic ad nuseam. Technically speaking, if I understand it correctly, the main and possibly only difference between pink noise and “regular” music is all frequencies are at or near identical amplitude. Maybe this implies a uniform voltage or current is “seen” by the components in the path of signal thus causing a different behavior. Perhaps  someone with an in-depth understanding of how electronic components react to constant vs. varying voltage/current can chime in.
Interesting find nonetheless. 
Just turning a system on does't exite speaker drivers. Seems to me that they also need to reach thermal equilibrium to best operate. 
Those who find there system lacking at start-up should try a pink noise disc.
By covering  the whole spectrum of frequencies, warm-up time is effectively  decreased.  It has made a huge difference in my enjoyment, not having to suffer through the crappy sound of discs played before the set is ready for prime time.
There are also a number of free phone/tablet apps that generate pink noise if you have a Bluetooth capable streaming device. Handy for speaker placement as well.
My SS Pass Labs and as well as my expensive digital gear always sounds better after they’re on for at least an hour. (They must not be well designed.)

Once again we have to ignore posters that pose theoretical comments. (When will they get it?)

Just playing music works fine.
Hmmm. Odd. I find just being turned on for a bit does the job. Which is odd, as I have a similar setup to rvp: dared tube pre and Ghent Audio class D monoblocks

Do not keep tube amps on all the time. That's a fire waiting to happen.