Use of TV antenna for Tuner

I recently moved into a house where the previous owner had an older style TV antenna hooked up to a television. It's a huge aluminum antenna attached to the top of the roof. I believe it is a round 75 ohm wire, the one with the piece of wire in the center housed in a round threaded terminal. The wire is still attached to the antenna and was run through the wall and ends conveniently right behind my rig in the living room. I was thinking of getting a tuner. Can I use this antenna and hook up the wire to the 75 ohm connector on the back of the tuner? Will it be able to be used with both digital and analogue tuners? What will I need to do to get this antenna to work?

Thanks for any help
it should work just fine. even better if it has a rotor to adjust for different stations. you might check its grounding if you're in an area with lots of lightning.
Some older outdoor antennas block FM signals (which fall between channels 6 and 7), so make sure you do not have one of those.
You'll also possibly need a 75 ohm to 300 ohm adaptor, these only cost 1 or 2 dollars.
I would check the ground first also.It will most likely work fine if the connections outside are ok.Make sure it doesn't have an outdoor amp that needs a power supply.You would see the wire from the antenna going to a little box then the ant wire coming from it if that was the case.Make sure the ground is there also.Some tuners have a European type of 75 connection.If you get that type,you might need a little push on adapter like shown in the links.I not sure witch one will work best.Links>>>[]-[]
Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate your input and will take it all into consideration.