Use of RPG's SKYLINE diffuser

Has anyone out there used RPG's Skyline diffuser or has there been any audio reviews of this product?
I have four of them, behind the listening position, and two homemade ones on the front wall between the speakers. Both help the sound a lot. Read F. Alton Everest, "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget" for examples of where he places them. Check back with me if you want DIY instructions for Skylines, Omniffusors, 734 QRD diffusors. (But only if you have a table waw--impossible without.)
They received a "Golden Ear" award from TAS in January 2000, where there is reference to an earlier review. I use two behind my listening chair, to good effect.
Tom, I am very much interested in the DIY of RPG Diffusor. Please advice.
I design and engineer home theaters and sound rooms for clients, and I use these (custom variations thereof) for my own set up, as well, to good effect! These "Skyline diffusors are simple prime root diffussors that work well for most applications such as breaking up point source reflections that can smear immaging/soundstage/detail retrieval/etc. Additional random placement of these also helps build ambiance into a room (we're talking balance here!)when needed. Experiences and results may vary from USER to USER!...But, ultimately, experimentation (and experience) will result in best results! There are several book's out on the subject that can help if your a self tweeky! Best too ya! Alexander
Tom, TEll me how to obtain the DIY instructions for the Skyline. [email protected] Tom, Tell me how to obtain DIY instructions for the Skyline diffusor. [email protected]