Use of high current integrated amp w Panamax 1000+

I just purchased a Panamax 1000+ line conditioner here on Audiogon, but it looks like I didn't do enough reading. I had heard this was a Stereophile-recommended component, but it appears that I will have a problem using it for my integrated amp as it is not really designed for high current. Are there dangers in using my integrated (Arcam) amp with the Panamax 1000+?
I have the Panamax 1000 too - I used to plug my receiver into it, but since I've gone to separates, the amps plug straight into the wall. I don't know if there are dangers with an integrated Arcam - there may be performance issues if the Panamax can't pass enough current. You could try it both ways and see.

Even though you didn't read enough, you got a nice unit that will protect all other components in your system, so the money is far from wasted.