Use of footers on maple platforms

I know this has been discussed elsewhere, therefore I will try to be specific with my question.

A Maple shelf is thought to dissipate vibration from component resting on it. Would not isolation feet/dampeners inhibit this? Does the replacement of the original feet on a component with cones benefit the dissipation from the component?

I have just replaced the plywood selves of my rack with 2" maple ones. Was using vibrapod footers with the plywood shelves. Currently not with the maple.
What performance changes did you notice?
Why not just try both options if you are so equipped already and decide?

Either there is a difference you can hear or not to help make the decision. If not, you have two equivalent choices. Just pick one and move on to bigger fish if needed.

Or if all sounds good, just enjoy listening.
You have made the change. have you noticed any diffference?

The 'hard' question.
If you did not notice, then you must not have 'golden ears' 'Cuz if you had you would be saying what it was..
So now you have to ask total strangers what you 'should' be doing so you can relax with your audiophile approved way going forward.

I say try it both ways. all that matters is it you hear whatever.
If nothing different, well the maple probably looks cooler.

One way or another the maple platforms have to be held up. So whatever the way is, changing that might impact the way the maple interacts with the equipment.
Up on soft stuff to dissipate, or hard pointy stuff to send the vibrations down and out.. Who can hear it except the OP?

Sorry I am a bit blunt/nasty today. I will try to be less nasty tomorrow...
Got Symposium Ultra and Roller block HDSE blew away Maple,better,quieter,better imaging,better bass definition 100% better.
Not sure it's quite correct to say maple dissipates vibration, although It could in part. The main advantage of a maple board is to provide stiffness against low frequency vibration coming from the floor. Supporting the component as well as the maple board with competent cones improves the effectiveness of the maple board. Cone materials ranked in terms of sonics: ceramics, aluminum, steel, brass.
Liz, we love your (yesterday's) tough broad side as we will also patiently await your (today's) kinder/gentler side.... :)
Elizabeth, no problem, I am not really that thin skinned. Hopping you are having a better day.

Mapman, you are correct and I intend to do so. Just placed the maple shelves prior to posting.

EMB, Thanks. A friend made the maple shelves for me. Not a doubt that they are better than the 3/4" plywood ones, wether I could hear the difference or not. Truly improved the looks of my stand. At the time I replaced the shelves, I also filled the tube steel race with sand to deaden it. My audio room is on a concrete slab. Isolation from earth vibration is not my concern.

My intent with this thread was to solicit information as to others thoughts, experiences regarding dissipation of vibration, induced by sound pressure or intrinsic to the component, from equipment. I am quite aware that there are several posters on this forum that have far greater experience discerning differences within/between systems, and those who are far more technically competent, than I. I enjoy the exchange this forum provides me with those posters.

Isn't this fun! Mike
Thanks Geoffkait for your response. I currently do not own any cones. I only have the sorbothane vibrapads. Thought the pads where designed more to isolate vibration than to dissipate, not sure that I am right on that. I plan on getting a set of cones to try along with the pads, blocks that I currently have.
i a-b'd Herbie's tender feet on my Blinn extra-wide rack and couldn't tell any difference. the Blinn has 2" maple slabs plus a suspension system.

only tested/a-b'd my front end (PSA PWT/PWD). also had them under my pre and amp....but decided not to spend anymore time on it. let them stay under the pre/amp but put the oem feet back on my PWT/PWD.

never tried cones or anything else.
Thanks Levy, I have not tried cones and may just leave things as is. As Mapman stated, 'bigger fish".