Use of Camelot Uther with SACD player???

Need help sorting out compatability issue. I must plead ignorance re: lack of knowledge of format compatability. Is it possible to use an SACD player with a Camelot Uther mk. 2 DAC? Anyone know about this? I am not using a preamp. Signal path will be-- SACD player to Genesis digital Lens to Camelot Uther to Spectral amplifier. This is confusing, since I will mostly be playing redbook CD's. Are their different digital outputs? Will this force me into a preamp? Am I making this way too complicated?? Help!
No digital out when playing SACD's. Will work fine when playing redbook CD's. So, if you want to listen to SACD's you'll have to run it through a pre-amp.

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The Uther has volume control in the digital domain. I have done some more research and I think I can use the Uther as my "preamp" with the SACD. Anyone else using an Uther with SCD-1?
The Uther VC is analog. It consists of an array of resistors which are selected by relays. If you feed it with the output of the Genesis, the Uther will do the D/A and VC for RedBook CDs.
There is no digital output when playing SACD's. This is the way they inforces copy protection on SACD's. The only output you get when playing SACD's is from the left and right anolog outputs.

If the Uther has analog inputs like a pre-amp then you could use it with SACD,s via analog outputs.

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