Use of adapter to convert 15amp P/C to 20 amp IEC

Want to be able to use a regular 15 amp power cord to connect to a power line conditioner that has a 20 amp IEC inlet. VooDoo makes an adapter that allows for this. Are there any problems with this adaptation?
IMO no. The unit is probably rated for 1600 watts max FLA connected load. That is why the 20 amp IEC inlet. I assume the reason you want to do this is because the supplied power cord that came with the unit has a NEMA 5-20P plug on the end of the cord and the receptacle you want to plug into is a 5-15R on a 15 amp branch circuit and 15 amp breaker. Just won`t fit will it.
It should work just fine.
Follow up, sorry my math was a little off. The max output load is probably closer to 1920 watts, 16 amps FLA, when using a 20 amp circuit. Just so you know you will now be limited by your 15 amp circuit breaker.
I would like to be able to use the existing power cords I have on hand (Harmonic Tech, Shunyata, Harmonix, Audience etc.)and experiment to see which one sounds best with the Balanced Power Tech 3.5. This unit has a 20 amp input IEC. I believe that all of these cords should be able to handle the power the 3.5 needs. It's rated at 2,400va. I quess as long as the cords have a 20 amp capacity I should be okay?
That 2400va rating is the max load that could be connected to the power conditioner? I am surprised the unit doesn`t say 1920va. 80% of 2400va=1920va. Well what ever, If you want to use a 15 amp power cord and use the adapter to connect to the 20 amp male IEC inlet on the power conditioner the max load you will be able to connect to the power conditioner will be 120v X 15amp =1800va max. Though I would only figure 80% of 1800va = 1440va. Is this within the limit of the load you want to connect?
The power conditioner input load, va, is directly proportional to the load you connect to it plus some losses within the power conditioner.
I hope this answers your question. Sorry if I confused you in my earlier post.

Thanks Jim for your responses. I am using a 20 amp wall outlet. So a guess I have to investigate to confirm each power cord I would like to try has a 20 amp rating to be able to handle max. load the 3.5 can deliver, even though they have the regular IEC connections? My max load at the moment is around 1,300-1,400va.

your cords do not need a 20amp rating. If your connected load is below 1800va you are fine. 1300-1400va no problem.