Use my ICs for guitar rig?

Just thinking out loud here... any reason I can't use my extra ICs (you know, the ones you have hanging around and never get around to selling) for my live guitar rig? I run my guitars - acoustic and electric - into a complex pedal board with tube preamp out then into direct boxes on stage and then on to the PA system. I play at clubs with my band and also use the same rig at my church for worship.
I have been looking at buying expensive instrument cables by Analysis Plus and George L to complete the conections, which led me to thinking about using my spare ICs (I have a full set of nice MITs of various lengths) for this purpose, with RCA to 1/4" phono plug adaptors.
Before I buy the adaptors and try to make this work, anybody think it will or won't?
It will work unless you need balanced cables.
I hope you are not planning on using a RAT or Big Muff in church!!!! Anyway, I like to stay away from adapters, myself. Terminating an end or two is a more desirable way. Of course when you plug/unplug and pack up each time .... they need to be very durable, even when being very careful. You already know that. I find that many instrument cables are of a very poor quality, with their price reflecting that. I at least, use made in USA with Switchcraft, but still......... you plan to go from what to what, exactly? Great question, by the way!
Thanks for the thoughtful reply.
My rig is non-balanced.
Here's my set up:
Parker Fly Deluxe guitar w/piezo, using stereo output; Acoustic pickup into Fishman Aura preamp, VanAmps Soulmate spring reverb, Morley Little Alligator volume pedal, out to Direct Box.
Fly Electric pickups output to Boss OC3 (octave pedal, to play bass on lower 3 strings); that separately outputs to its own bass channel Direct Box;
Out of the OC3 I use the 2nd "bypass" (direct) line out that goes into a AMT SS-20 tube preamp, to a Visual Sound volume pedal, another VanAmps Reverb, H2O Liquid Sound chorus/delay, out to a Direct Box for my electric guitar sounds. And I do indeed get great dirty sounds, even for worship!
All this goes into 3 channels on the Allen & Heath board, run in stereo. Weird setup but gives me a lot of flexibility to play acoustic and/or electric, with or without bass, using one guitar. As I play in a Trio, flexibility is key.
My pedal boards are already lashed up with George L cables, which I love. The connection I'm asking about here is from the pedal boards to the Direct Boxes. The George L and Analysis Plus instrument cables are expensive, and I'd love to use what I already have.
Thanks again!
I tried a few upper shelf intereconnects with adapters on some of my equipment and found much better results with quality instrument cables. It seemed that the voicing of some audiophile cables was too lean and detailed. It felt very very wrong. This was comparing to Mogami Platinum instrument cable. I have a feeling that good quality instrument cables are voiced and engineered differently than hifi cables.
I use Mogami balanced......from the studio gold line, if I remember right.
6' length between CD and amp works like champ and better than either the throw away cable which came with the player or a selection of Blue Jeans/belden
The george l,s rule.cant find another cable with there clarity.