use headphone amp as pre amp?

I would like to use my Creek OBH-11Se as a pre amp
for a Rotel RB 1070 Amp. Will this work?
Thanks for the help.
I have one of these in a drawer somewhere so my comment is only from memory. I believe the output is fixed and will not adjust using the volume control. If my memory is right the answer would be no. Hook it up and try it to be sure.
I'm sorry I should have been more clear when I said try it. You will need to plug this into a device which does have a volume control like a preamp or receiver. DON'T go from your CD player into OBH-11se directly into the amp unless your CD has a variable output. It could blow you out of your chair! Plug your CD player into it and then take the output to your existing preamp or int. amp.
I am currently using a Headroom headphone amp as a preamp with Parasound amp; it works fine.
I have a OBH-11 (not SE) and use it as preamp. It has not preamp out, I just use the headphone out with an adapter that converts to two male rca.