Use for Old Creek Pre-Amp & Amp

I was “gifted” an old Creek pre-amp and amp by a friend whose partner had passed away and who had long since switched to a home theater set-up. The pre-amp is a Creek Special Edition OBH-8SE MM Phono Pre-amp, and the other is a Creek OBH-2 “Regulated Power Supply” unit (it says an output of 24V, 500mA max). Since I have never used such components, and they were issued in the late 1990s, I was wondering whether it was possible to power a couple of modern bookshelf loudspeakers, or stand-alone monitors, with them? For example, would one be able to power a couple of Polk or other bookshelf speakers with them, or perhaps even a Polk TSi200 bookshelf or Polk TSi400 Tower?
I know this is an amateur question, but I'm new to these component systems.
Steveles- what you have is a two piece unit; a phono stage aka phono pre-amp with an outboard power supply. The output RCAs from a turntable plugs into the RCA jacks on the back of the OBH-8, which takes the very low level signal from the cartridge, applies what's called RIAA equalization (to compensate for tonal anomalies that are endemic to the process by which LPs are recorded and produced) and then boosts (amplifies) the signal to the same level as that produced by a tuner, CD player, tape deck, etc (also called line level). The output from the Creek can then be plugged into an integrated amplifier (amp plus pre-amp in one unit), receiver, or regular pre-amplifier (you can use any input EXCEPT one labelled phono) which then will allow you to hear it through your stereo. The outboard power supply plugs into your wall and into the main unit. It converts the 117 volt AC wall current to 24 volt DC current which is what the phono stage/phono pre-amp actually operates on.
Swampwalker --
Thank you. This is very clear and a helpful explanation.