Use computer UPS to power source, good idea?

There are lots of computer UPS that are capable of delivering hundred of watts for hours at fraction of the cost of a good power filter. Not planning to use it on power amp or power hungry devices, would this idea be viable on source, phono stage, or even pre amp if power rating is within the spec? Has any one tried it? One draw back I can think of is slight reduction in dynamic, but does it?

Before I go drag one home from a store, want to hear from someone who has tried it and hopefully with good results.
APC make Audio type stabilization devices, which include high current capability on certain outlets. They have crossed over from their much bigger IT business (clients like Sun, IBM, Google etc.) where they protect data from power nasties (brown outs, spikes, noise).

They are reasonably priced, are UL listed and their products obviously work for business. What they lack in boutique mystique and hyperbole in their advertising I think they make up for in their good value and solid engineering.

BTW: Since the 90's many power supplies for PC's, shavers, rechargeable batteries, you name it, have gone to cheap and dirty SMPS (switched mode power supply). There is a greater need for power conditioning than in the past (when most electrical devices used the more expensive power supply transformer with it's excellent isolation properties). If you own a PC or modern TV and it is plugged into the same circuit as your stereo then a power conditioner may make an audible difference.

check this out
Belkin Pure A/V has two different UPS's available that are made for audio/home theater. I use one of each in my rig, the smaller UPS for my PC music server and the Hybrid UPS for the rest of my rig.
They're really good for TV's that have a bulb cool down cycle.