Use Battery Backup For Preamp and TT?

I am recording my L.P.’s using 24/96 (DVD audio standard) on to my computer. Fidelity is the utmost concern. For my preamp and Turntable, I’m thinking of using a hefty battery backup, with the power to it turned off while recording. My theory is, this would ensure really clean battery power during the recording process.

I am really looking for some input on this idea. It might be a good one, or a bad one. LOL I know with some power inverters, they do not have a very good replica of a 60 Hz sine wave, so I don’t know if that is true for battery backup. Any ideas?
Most cheap battery back up units, when in the inverter mode, put out a square wave not a true sine wave.

Square wave sucks.....

A "True UPS" will put out a true sine wave. They are costly though....

Found this doing a search on Google
Hi Jea48. Thanks for the link. I'll read it. Yes, I thought to do this properly, I would have to find one with a GOOD sine wave. It also occurred to me that if the wave isn't correct, how do we know it's a TRUE 60 Hertz? What if it's 59.2 or something? The strobe would STILL show it as being accurate I think, because the TT strobe would be off also. LOL
Davespectral, I suggest that you connect the strobe to a different outlet (not one supplied by the true-RMS UPS), then any frequency variation will be easy to see.
Have fun