Use amp in balanced mode in unbalanced set-up

I had isolated a hum problem to my amplifier in one channel (Ayre V-5xe whch is supposed to be sensitive to hum). For the he++ of it, I tried changing the mode from unbalanced to balanced (my set-up is unbalanced) and lo and behold....the hum went away. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I could find no sound degradation.
Your best bet would be to call Ayre next week. This is not something a casual reader here could respond to without guessing. Even seeing your system first hand, the answer might not be obvious, because this is the kind of thing that should be addressed by someone familiar with the circuit design of your components.

OK, you want me to guess? Lift the ground pin on the amp power cord (keep preamp grounded) return mode to unbalanced, and test. Should be OK. If not, go no further. Call Ayre.
The very idea of ballanced is to "Farris Buler...Buler...Buler" yes - cancel noise! and though there usually mabe could be negatives, sometimes you can get lucky and everything matches up and no percieved negatives. Forget the science and trust your ears.