Use a US sub in Tokyo?

Does anyone know if a subwoofer made for use in the US (120v/60hz) will work properly in Japan (100v/50hz)? If needed I could buy a large step-up transformer to boost the 100v to 120v but my understanding is that the hertz stay the same. Is that going to be an issue? Thanks.
FWIU, hertz will not be an issue, just the voltage.
Yes, I have a B&W ASW-850 subwoofer that will work on any worldwide voltage/frequency. I ave used it in the USA on 110V/60Hz and France on 220V/50Hz, no problem at all, just had to change the mains fuse.
IIRC, the only thing that would require a different hertz setting would be anything with a motor. Turntable, CD player, tape deck, etc.

You shouldn't have any problem.
I seen a Tokyo sub in the US the movie 1949. So it's probably possible