Usd 4k speaker recommendation pls

I need recommendation for bookshelf speaker usd 4-5k. I listen more to vocal and sometimes jazz.

My dealer recommend talon hawk used for above price. Anyone has opinion on this speaker?

Or other better speaker? Thx
There are hundreds of options - what have you used in the past and what are you looking for. If you like vocal then a good midrange is a must.

The B&W Nautilus 805 should defintely be on your audition list - I am not a B&W fan but this particular model is a "keeper" - an absolute no brainer in terms of performance for value...
without a doubt the Dynaudio Confidence C-1 should be at the top of your list
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Both Spendor and Harbeth have strong followings among those who listen to a lot of vocal and acoustic music. I have the Spendor SP1/2E and I simply love its naturalness and ease with well recorded material.

The only problem is that you will spend less than your budget if you buy a pair used. (I think the new SP1/2Rs run around $5K and SP1/2Es run $1,200 to $2,500 used depending on age and condition.)

Harbeth is also very well regarded and run slightly higher than Spendor.

They are well worth an audition.
KCS SEAS exotic.
Grab the used Sason's ( Ridge Street Audio )on this site ..A touch over 5K but a great deal........
I have not heard it but based on reputation and what I have heard I'll bet the KCS SEAS exotic is a real winner

I also think some of the audio note ANE and ANJ's would be nice. I have owned these :-)

For something small but real fun the Micropure Kotaro is a uses a murata super tweeter and a 4 " driver...the sound it produces is amazing
More info would help.
Amp, taste, room, etc. etc.etc.
Impossible to recommend anything without the basic reqs.

You are supposed to mention it in your posts that you are affiliated with KCS. They may be good speakers{ i don't know} but people get upset here when they find out you didn't disclose your affiliation
Eventus audiuo Metis.Beutifully crafted Italian gem.Sound even better than it looks
Thanks for the suggestion, anymore suggestion?

my old speaker is spendor s3/5. 150wpc mosfet amp (diy). room L4m x W5m x H3m. mostly listen to vocal.

spendor s3/5 is nice but i want more and feels that the spendor becoming the limitation in my system

thanks again for the help
did i mention i prefer bookshelf? i would love the vocal that could beat the spendor s3/5. thx
The Spendor S3/5 is a nice speaker, but it is at the lower end of their range (and it is not a duplicate of the BBC LS3/5a.)

I've got a pair of SP3/1Ps and a pair of SP1/2Es. While the 3/1s are very nice speakers and one can easily spot the family resemblance, there simply is no question that the SP1/2Es are far superior in terms of tonality and accuracy across the board, including the midrange.

If you basically like the sound of your current Spendors but are looking to improve on what you already enjoy it makes sense to audition the S3/5's big brother.

Of course, you've received some excellent suggestions for other brands so you've got a lot of good options to consider.
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I agree with Thorman the Sason's would fit the bill nicely
If you basically like your Spendors, then SP1/2E is a natural candidate. Also, anything by Harbeth, Proac, and ATC.

Also, consider only used speakers (and A'gon is a good source for those). You can usually resell them for the same money you bought for, which makes it easy to experiment with different speakers without losing money each time. Good luck.
If you basically like your Spendors, then SP1/2E is a natural candidate. Also, anything by Harbeth, Proac, and ATC.

I second this suggestion. If vocals is the most important in a box speaker then you must audition Harbeth Compact 7es-3 and ATC SCM 19 or 20.