USB vs SPDIF, which sounds better?

I am currently using an Audience AU24 SE USB cable between my Aurender N10 music server and the Lampizator Big 7 dac. Since both components have the SPDIF connection, I am wondering if the SPDIF would sound better than the USB. If so, what are some good digital RCA cables available today?  Thanks for your input.

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Now using a PS Audio Memory Transport into an upgraded Yiigdrasil SPDIF
Using a WyWires Litespd cable. This cable has a special quality to draw you in to listening. Its the best I have heard in  the last 3 years here on different DACs. Was using the AES connection on the PSMT with a balanced Belden 8402. Very good also.
The Belen killed a DHLabs DH110 which is supposed to be the required 110 ohm
Standard. So, the connection quality varies with equipment used.
The Lifatec optical cable comes close. USB is on the bottom of quality.
Even with all the decrapifiers, been there done that too.