USB turntable or standalone a to d conversion?

I am planning on buying my first turntable soon (project carbon or essential ii) and am weighing the usb option on each.

Is the quality of these built in usb units worth the extra $100 or should I save that $100 and get a dedicated unit?

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Don't complicate yourself with USB conversion you can add later and better and get to more choices based on performance.
Those who choose to start with the basic USB TT usually want something better after 6 months. A TT with a built-in preamp is inferior in SQ than a decent table playing thru an external phono stage (preamp).

If you want to enter the world of vinyl, set a budget and buy a TT package which includes table, tonearm, and cartridge. Concentrate on playing records thru your system first, then add an analog-to-digital converter with USB later; they don't cost much.

Check out the Budget TT section at Needle Doctor dot com.
Thx. I went with the project debut carbon as my first TT...