USB to S/PDIF: Stello U3

A newbie question here. I would like to place the Stello between my PC and Bel Canto DAC3. The BelCanto only receives up to 24/96. Would this be a problem with the U3, which seems to deliver 24/192?
You've properly also directed this qn to the April Music site. If you already own both, no harm in trying it, and I suspect that the Stello might be able to conform its output to 24/96. Interesting experiment to see how an asynchronous USB-S/PDIF converter will match up with a DAC that uses highly refined isosynchronous filters.

If you haven't purchased yet, it's probably worth waiting for the mfr's response, or also consider one of the Bel Canto USB converters designed for the DAC3.
Thanks. I've got a mssge into april music, but no response yet. I don't own the stello, but i've seen reviews that say it outperforms the bel canto adapter - that's why i'm interested.

Bel Canto has 3 new asynch convertors that were just released a couple weeks ago. I imagine that the reviews you are seeing are for the older BC adapters. You may want to give the new BC's a look, as they are quite incredible.

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Should not be a problem. The U3 is not an upsampler so it will feed the DAC whatever sampling rate it receives. Just make sure your playback software or operating system is not upsampling everything. I use a 24/192 Wavelink USB interface with a 24/96 Havana DAC and it is fine.