USB to I2S that supports DSD

I've looked and looked and can't find an outboard box that converts USB to I2S and supports DSD, or an PC internal sound card that outputs I2S and supports DSD. Maybe I'm just blind, dumb, and deaf.

I just came close to purchasing the Pink Faun I2S bridge, but then realized it doesn't support DSD out, which would mean JRiver needs to step the stream down - rather not do that. PFaun also has a FAQ that dis's the whole dsd format, and then says later versions might support it.

My digital setup is a good quiet PC with USB out to the Wyred DAC2 DSDse. (Yes, I know a dedicated server would be better). I figure it's now time to take advantage of the I2S input to the Dac. But, there doesn't seem to be any solution for this in either an outboard converter (which should be superior by avoiding PC noise) or an internal sound card.

I see the Amanero Technologies card, but it would require me to build a box for it - seems like someone ought to have done this by now. There's the Off-Ramp 5, but like the PFaun, it's limited to 24/192.

Any help out there?