USB power supply?

Will the addition of a USB low noise power supply such as the one from Aqvox really improve the sound quality of my Bryston DAC?
In my experience yes - nothing guaranteed of course - but worth trying.

Better yet use balanced power for your USB and your Bryston. Wow.
Ptss - forgive me, but what do you mean by "balanced" power?
Power supplies are the most important part of any audio system and this is what sets apart really live sounding systems. The source is also extremely important. The USB data should have no errors and low jitter. A fast-reacting, low-noise supply is required. Most linear supplies don't meet this criteria, with one exception, the Power Block from Empirical Audio. It is also a common-mode filter.

The Power Block uses a toroidal transformer which provides up to 5 amps at 5V. It is extremely low noise and very fast reacting, utilizing a Hynes-type voltage regulator. Hynes regulators beat all other regulators due to their unique topology. The Power Block was primarily designed to be used with the Empirical XMOS USB interface that is in prototype stage right now, but can be used with any USB interface. XMOS interfaces improve significantly. It runs on 117VAC or 230VAC. Here are photos and more info:

The Power Block is $799.00 plus shipping and PayPal fee. 30-day unconditional money-back, less shipping. Use "Contact us" on the website we will get the order shipped. They are in stock.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Hi Rocky. To best understand "balanced power" I suggest going to the Equitech website. They have a patented design which maximizes the noise reduction capabilities of their transformers. Basically they split the 120V AC signal into 2 60V signals and cancel all common noise and some differential noise. If you read the client list it includes NASA and the National Science Foundation; plus the US Navy which requires super clean power for sonar. I'm impressed. Hope you find it interesting.
Balanced power is a good route for power conditioning. As for power supply, there are some military grade ones if one care to look in test equipments on fleabay. Having worked at Hewlett Packard Medical Systems, I know there are some vintage but excellent power supply unit that perform much better than they look. I have mine modded and it works much better than the commercial ones I have bought and sold. The improvement is sound is enormous!

/Steve of Empirical Audio: arent you abusing this forum as self promoting and advertising platform? Shame on you, I will never buy anything from your shop!
+1 for Jazzonthehudson re: Empirical Audio
Jazz - I can charge 50% more for my products to pay for advertising like other companies, or I can help a lot of folks on this forum (which I do every day) and talk about my products and charge less for them. Its the customer that ultimately benefits.

There are a lot of folks that seem to think they are an expert on this and other forums, which leads to a lot of misinformation. This is why I post.

Steve N.
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Audioengr: there is a difference between giving advice and straight-into-your-face advertising that you are practicing here. You are the ONLY one on Audiogon being that obnoxious. One only has to look at your answer thread that looks like a continuum of your ads. If you are a bit smarter, you could have given a hint to your product or, better, something that leads to it but no, you have to rub it in our face like a used car salesman. Have you ever seen a positive reaction to any of your ads? Caveat Emptor!
What did Steve do to you? This personal?
If he is not breaking any rules, what's the problem? You can simply choose to ignore Steve's posts if you don't like what he has to say. I for one, have learned a ton from Steve, and have only bought a couple of his products, all of which delivered. Steve does not have any ties with me, nor does he know me personally at all. He hasn't made enough money off me to keep his lights on for a day... Yet, anytime I have a question, he is always willing to help out. Don't burn the guy out. He is one of the good ones.

I don't see any problem with him marketing here either. Matter of fact, we're just helping the guy out with these shenanigans. Exposure? Isn't that the name of the game? Good for Agon, good for Steve, good for everybody. It's all good mang.

Drop hints about the product.... Tell me, what's the difference in that and just coming out and saying it? You buy your stuff from big names that spend fortunes on marketing, and I'll take the cottage industries. I bet I arrive at the same place with less damage to my wallet.
I have a split USB cable one side does power and the other data.

I have tried several USB power supplies and found the Enercell 2 amp and the Asus USB power supply to work just as good as my battery power supply.

And yes - it makes a big difference on my Schiit Bifrost

Who are you Paul? Steve's employee or friend? I see some owners of shops posting but none as much and as BLATANT like him trying to sell his stuff. Why can't he pay the members fee as industrial participant and post as many listing as he wants? If you haven't noticed, there is a difference between forum and ad listings.
Oh yes. It's a big conspiracy :) Guess the cat's out of the bag.
There is truth in what jazzonthehudson says and I have notice it and I am sure others also. BUT I think he hit very hard with the comments.Give Steve a little slack he seems to be a good guy,trying to advice and promote sell all in once.
My opinion anyway.
i have no financial interest in Empirical Audio & neither "friends" with Steve other than thru this forum.
I tend to agree with Jazzonthehudson that such blatant advertising is NOT the intention of these forums. I don't mind being pointed to the website by the manuf where all the technical info is stated but would rather prefer that the manuf not advertise in the post itself.
If one manuf does it, so will the others & these forums will become nothing but advertising for the manuf with biased opinions. Every other person will leave - you'll get very little useful info & Healthy discussion weighing the pros & cons from usage in the field will soon become history if advertising continues this way.
I thought that the rules were pretty tight & upfront on Audiogon on this & am wondering why his post was not pulled by the moderator?
Again, nothing personal against Steve (he has contributed very well to many threads over time) & nothing personal against you either. thanks.