USB output from Foobar with Windows XP?

I am trying to send a bit-accurate signal from my Windows laptop via USB to a Benchmark DAC1 using Foobar2000. I selected the KS:USB Audio Device as an output. When I attempt to play with a 16-bit data output format, I get a message saying the KS is experimental and may not work. If I close this box try to play a song, the counter does not move and nothing happens. When I use anything besides 16-bit I get a KS output error. Is this possible with Windows XP?
If you are using the new DAC1 USB model (as I am) just use the "DS: Benchmark 1.0" output setting. If you are using an external USB device to convert USB to S/PDIF or Toslink (for input to the DAC1) you should probably use ASIO or DS (aka DirectSound). Kernal Streaming has never worked well for me in Foobar.
Does DirectSound bypass Kmixer? My system works with the DS/SPDIF.
You should not be using KS or ASIO with the Benchmark DAC-1 USB. It is a driverless firmware that bypasses kmixer. Just use Directsound or DirectSound2.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio