USB Jcat card for DIY mounting

. Hello

I'm finishing up to mount an audio server in a Streacom Alpha 9 box on the base of an MSI motherboard with a Core I5 10500 T and 16GB DDR.4 2666 memory.

I have Windows server 2019 as Os and Roon installed on a samsung EVO 970 plus NVME SSD

I have 2 Hi RES Music Storage SSDs in Flac 24-96 and DSD 128 and 256

I installed a JCAT NET FEMTO PCI card that is powered by a linear Volt 2.5 A power supply

I must now install a 2nd USB JCAT card also which will be powered by a linear power supply in 5 Volt and 2.5 A also

the server will be connected to an audio DAC GD Audio-GD - R8 2021 - Discrete Balanced R2R Ladder FPGA Accusilicon DAC - PCM / DxD / DSD either USB or I2S,
What is the best choice if I2S have to go through a converter?

I used to use a Lumin streamer/DAC as a Roon endpoint and decoded from the MQA of Chez TIDAL?

n(having the Lumin and using me from the audio server to the DAC audio GD is what will be roon Ready and MQA compatible?

thank you for your feedback

IF you''re going to use a JCat FEMTO USB card, you're obviously going to use USB to feed the DAC your data stream?
I just checked out the GD DAC, looks pretty impressive from specs, though it doesn't have ethernet input, unless there's an adapter.

You may find the USB using a good quality interconnect, personally I use Curious Cables USB, will play exceptionally well with the JCat Femto USB card. I use the JCat FEMTO USB card with a linear power supply directly into the card. I also have linear power directly to the SSDs, one is software, the other strictly music files.

I'm sorry, I'm not sure of what you're asking exactly?

Thank you for this clarification

finally I have just separated from my GD audio DAC to go to another brand that begins to have a nice reputation DENAFRIPS, it is the model Pontus II and I would be connected in HDMI with 1 cable cardas on a PCI PINK FAU I2S that has very boone press in our country and that makes miracles
the advantage of this card is that we can upgrade it by adding a better clock type OCXO

while the JCAT, you have to change everything
thank you for your feedback