USB Extender ?? had any luck passing audio over an extender?

My computer is about 40 feet from DAC (actually an Apogee Symphony Mk I). WEme USB 2.0 Extender to RJ45 Over Cat5/...
The DAC has a USB 2.0 input. MacBook Pro 2017.  I bought a USB extender that is USB - Ethernet - USB and the computer does recognize the DAC as if it is connected... however, it will not pass audio. Anybody have an extender that will pass audio???

Why don't you use a USB to USB extender instead?

No reason to convert anything. 
did not know that you could go that long. ordered and will try. Nice thing about Amazon is if it doesn't work just send it back.... thanks
You never know when these forums can help you!
I actually needed a way to extend a USB cable approx 90ft for a remote keyboard at work.
Your link led me to Amazon which led me to 100ft powered USB extender.

Problem solved

Thank you Erik!
The USB extender suggested works perfectly. I added another 15 ft powered extender to get to 45 feet and no issues.