USB Disruptor Is the Real Deal

This very inexpensive addition to my MacMini server based audio system has had a profound and positive influence on the sound and my listening experience. Immediately noticeable effects: more tone, more body, more spatial effects and all were improvements in a good way. There is also more detail. I use a Peachtree Nova 125se and it's integrated DAC with expensive Von Schweikert speakers (a holdover from when I spent nutty money on gear). Since the Disruptor and cable together cost a little more than $100 with a guaranteed return policy, you have nothing to lose. I had tried the $50 Audioquest Jitterbug product and it made a barely perceptible change to my sound, worth the money but marginal effect. The disruptor and it's companion usb cable addition was like a substantial component upgrade. And no, I am not in any way affiliated with this company, just wanted to share with other like minded audio people.


Any time you can separate the dirty power from the computer to the dac is a good move. Even the power running along side the signal wire in the USB will cloud the signal going to the dac.

I've also tried the Jitterbug and though it does something... it done it in a destructive way in my system. It seemed to clean up the space between instruments, but I lost some of the delicate nuances and extension on piano notes along with decay.

They are coming up with some great products to address USB problems in CA. You may also want to try the Uptone Audio Regen or the W4S Recovery. The Regen worked wonders on my Bi-Frost DAC, but I went with a PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC and found the USB implementation was so good on the PS Audio that I didn't need the Regen any more.

On the other hand, many people I know that own much more expensive DAC's than I... have had great improvement using the Regen.

Good luck in your quest for better sound in CA.


I absolutely agree the USB Disruptor makes a nice improvement. Mine goes from a Lenovo PC to an Antelope DAC ( with it's own power supply ). So even with an expensive DAC + power supply the Disruptor improved the sound.

In my system the Regen gave more detail but less emotion, so it was returned. One Jitterbug makes a small improvement - much less than the Disruptor's positive effect. Two Jitterbugs was not better.

There are a lot of ways to improve the Computer based sound system. Try products that have a return option and have fun experimenting.

For further improvement, audition a Synergistic Research Black fuse in the DAC. You may just like what you hear. If not return it.

David Pritchard
The disrutor in my system did nothing. The Regen with outboard power supply is better