USB DAC, SB touch, NAS

I have been thinking about the future of my digital source and there are many options. The best I think would be a PS Audio PW DAC with a bridge but that would cost over €4000 for the DAC alone and that is way to much for me.

So what other options are there. I was thinking of using a NAS with Squeezebox server software, an asynchronous USB DAC and a SB touch. Or instead of the SB touch a cheap tablet PC. Like a shuttle X50v2.

The first step I would take is buying an other DAC. Then later add a server and an NAS. So what DAC whould be a good starting place. The DAC also needs to work well with my current system and CD transport. An Audio Note kit DAC 2.1 or 3.1, the Pink Faun DAC 2 or maybe a Black Note DSS a modded PS audio link 3 DAC etc.

There are to many options. From what I understood is the an asynchronous USB DAC is the best option. So to chose a new DAC if I indeed want to be ready for the future of streaming.

I'm not saying that I'll buy a new DAC now or in the near future but I am interested. So what do I need to look for in a future proof DAC that sounds less digital then my Wadia 12 but isn't overly warm sounding.
I would not recommend using the Touch with a USB connection to a USB DAC unless you already own such a DAC. There is little advantage over using S/PDIF, especially considering the inconvenience.

Keep in mind that if you are planning to use USB you are not streaming anything. For streaming you would need the PS Audio + Bridge. Future proof USB DAC is an oxymoron as the state of the art in USB DACs is a moving target and price performance continues to improve. The Ayre was/is the leader in its priceclass for asynch USB, the cheaper Wired4sound appears to leads the priceclass just below.

So you have three options - get a computer + USB DAC (probably wired4sound in your price range), get a computer + very good soundcard with S/PDIF out, or get a computer with a USB to S/PDIF converter. The HiFace EVO appears to be the best you can get for a few hundered bucks at the moment. If I liked my current S/PDIF DAC I would personally get the HiFace EVO (as things stand I have the PWD + bridge and could not be happier)

Of course you can get turnkey music server solutions as well but I am not famliar with those.
I have taken a look at the wyred4sound DAC2 it seems like a promising machine. But to just buy one online without every seeing one let alone hearing one is maybe a bit to much of a gamble.
I would prefer:
NAS-->Server (iMac, laptop)--->USB DAC-->integrated amp
CD transport

Also some DAC are modular, I think this is a smart think. This was you can upgrade the DAC without having to buy a new one. That is one reason why I also like the Pink Faun DAC 2. The Pink Faun DAC standard has 75 Ohm coax and a optical SPDIF input and 2 slots for additional inputs. Pink Faun sell a USB card for one of those slots that still leaves 1 slot open for future options. I was thinking about having a card made for the CEC superlink. This way I can keep using my CEC TL51x CD transport and I can hoop up a laptop to the USB port and in the future I can change those cards again.

But I have no idea how good this DAC is compared to the wyred4sound or a PS audio DAC etc. Sometimes having many options isn't a blessing.