USB Cord Recommendation

Howdy folks! Just wondering if anyone out there have any to recommend. Kinda hard to get any reviews on the web. Hi-fi cables, yes. USB cable, non-existent.

You think there is a difference? I doubt it.
I use the Kimber USB cable with good results. Sounds better than the generic USB cable that came with my Benchmark DAC1usb.
There is a review here:
I did a shoot out of my own, and the clear preference was for the Ridge Street Audio USB cable.
Oddly enough, there is a difference. That also depends on how resolving your system is. A Belden(?) gold six foot cable seems best to me of the generic/cheaper cables I've tried (including the one that comes with the DAC1). Length also has a lot to do with it. The shorter the cable, the more dynamic/3 dimensional the music appears. I know it sounds goofy to say and I thought the same initially, but it's readily apparant.
Getting a Kimber USB cable this week.Been using the generic one.Hope to hear something worth 50$.....
I use the Kimber model with my computer to Nuforce Icon setup. The system mostly gained in the areas of resolution and detail over normal free USB cables.

I agree with Ultrafitimes. After testing I really like the Ridge Street Audio USB cable.

And btw, Narod, take the time to take a listen to the cables... borrow them, whatever you have to do to get the experience for yourself... everyone has a right to their opinions and skepticism... but informed skepticism and opinion are best when expressed after testing, listening, and retesting and listening over time.

Example, my son's wife said, "Data is just data... it's a data cable... won't make any difference." She's heard the difference (blind testing, I might add) and really cannot believe the *extreme* difference even though she's had the experience directly.

In my case I was severely prejudiced toward another mfgr's USB cable because I like the performance and qualities of that mfgr's SCs, ICs, and PCs. After weeks of listening, I had to give it up.... I was compelled to accept the fact that I liked the Ridge Street USB far better than the other mfgr I was predispositioned toward.

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What DAC are you using? I have the Synergistic USB cable, but am considering trying the Poiema.



Hi Splaskin,

I'm using Larry Moore's Ultra Fi iRoc on two systems right now and really like it: one is all tube, the other all ss.

Cables are very user and system dependent imho; let me know what you find out in your listening.

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Hey guys! And I assume that it is all guys. Will check out the said cables and leave feedback. Thanks!