USB comparison Sablon vs Lush vs Curious vs Vovox

I use the Sablon USB Reserva Elite cable, powered version, between the fidata server and Mola Mola Makua pre/dac. A friend/customer just brought around a USB cable from Curious and Lush to compare with the Sablon, both of which have had good reviews. I have also compared the Sablon USB to the Vovox Textura USB in the past. Sablon is just plain better in every respect compared to the other cables, we both agreed on that. He now wants one. Please PM me if you would like to try a Sablon cable at home for yourself.
Hi, I am the guy who did the comparisons with Toetapaudio described above.

I own a Phasure Lush and a Curious USB, both well regarded yet more affordable than the Sablon Reserva Elite USB we compared against.

To anyone who has not tried USB cables to see if they make a difference I believe the Curious USB will leave you in no doubt that they do. It's soundstage is wide and deep, it makes quite an impression over cheap stock items or lesser cables like Furutech's Formula 2. Once compared with the Phasure Lush (which initially can sound a bit closed in but opens up), the Curious does however reveal itself to be a little unruly or harsh.

Patience is key to letting the Lush show it's true colours, once opened up and settled it sounds like instruments have more body (more like the right amount, showing the Curious to sound a bit thin at times). I consider the Lush to be the better of the two, but the Curious to be the more thrilling initially. Give the Lush time, and it's difficult to go back to the Curious without instantly thinking that living with its brashness is not desirable. The Lush can leave you just "curious" that something else might give a bit more detail though, it just lacks that something, but it is very good. Put the Curious in a dark sounding system and it might liven it up though, so it might work for some.

Onto the Sablon... once that's in place all becomes clear, what the Lush slightly lacked it does not. The detail is better, the body is there, natural instruments just seem to sound like they should. I used the word "goldilocks" for it as everything just sounds right.

So, I have a fair bit of criticism of the Curious (but expect an initial thrill), a real like of the Lush once bedded in properly, it's just a great cable for the money. The Sablon is better though and I could not criticise it, it really impressed me and yes, I do want one and will buy one :)

Oh, the Vovox USB did not impress, it's neither here nor there for me, I didn't compare it with a Furutech Formula 2 that I had as it would have been comparing the worst ones, but I didn't find it to be anything special. I found a review where someone put the Vovox USB in the same ballpark sound-wise as the Phasure Lush, it wasn't in my opinion in my own system.

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I’ve heard that the Clarity USB cable and the SOtM USB cable are very good as well.  I'm currently comparing Lush to Curious.
@limniscate, let us know what you think.