USB cable..what do you have.

I just want to see what most people are using on their systems and why, would like to check out some new ones, but there are so many. Thanks for you replys. Would like to stay in the $200.00 range.
As I am using a wyred 4 sound DAC-2 with ASYNCHRONOUS USB, the free cable delivered with the unit is just perfect.
With async USB there is no clock signal transferred via the cable, thus transport and interface jitter are non-existent.
In such cases, any USB cable will do.
If the DAC is synchronous adaptive, then the quality of the USB cable will make a lot of difference.
My personal opinion is that synchronous USB is not the best choice in computer audio no matter how good the cable, but I don't want to offend anybody or to hijack the thread and stop here.
I have and enjoy a cryo silver cable made by Audiogoner Acreyes. It is the first premium USB cable I have tried and I think I got lucky. I listen for timing and tonal richness mostly, and it delivered both. Not to mention the price. Acreyes sells them on auction and I got a steal.
Locus Designs Nucleus. Not under $200 but they have one that is. My converter is the Sonicweld Diverter.Both of which might be overkill if your set up does not eek out the last bit of resolution, otherwise, they are a necessity.

Enjoy the search, jtb
Mihaitaa, I'm calling shenanigans. How does the USB cable change the speed of the bits going across the wire? We already know the bits themselves make it intact over a "regular" USB cable or else we wouldn't be able to USB on a computer. The problem with Adaptive USB is that there's no guaranteed uniformity with the responsiveness of the USB hardware on either end (or the software controlling the USB hardware). Also the clocking used in the PC and the DACs that have to "adapt" come into play. That latter can't be helped. On an idle system the former is most likely not that big an issue. The cable is not the issue in any case unless it is defective.