Usb cable recommendation

I was hoping someone could recommend an entry level Usb cable , need a inexpensive one right now. Just ordered my first Dac ,something I thought I wouldn’t ever be doing as I set my system up for vinyl. I also believe I’ve seen more than once on these forums that the cable between Dac and streamer be at least two meters in length, hoping for clarity on that as well,thx in advance.


I picked up a basic wireworks USB 2.0 cable for less than $20 as I recall.

I don't think it can make a difference in my system but at least wirewold isolate the power line from signal line if that is important.





Any Audioquest cable you can afford. Owned Forrest (good), carbon (much better), coffee (way better).  Bought all used and very happy with the line.

I liked the DH Labs Mirage in my system. Solid construction and great sound.