usb cable quality and sound

I just started using a digital interface and am wondering how much difference the usb cable makes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Tons. I had a 5 meter generic USB and every now and then alls I would get is white noise. Bought a 5 meter Cardas Clear USB and now it's all music. Seems to be more refined also. The Clear is pretty far from their top of the line too, I believe.
I am using the Transparent USB $90 cable from my MAC Book Pro computer to my Ayre QB-9 USB DAC. My retailer is suggesting the Synergistic Research's Tesla Tricon USB $550 (WOW!!) cable but I do not believe a $550+ USB cable will make a significant difference over my Transparent USB cable. I have contacted others and the general opinion is “you should try different USB cables and if you find something that sounds better then the Transparent and it is at a price you can justify, purchase it". My solution is to stop researching USB cables, enjoy my music and keep my Transparent USB cable.
For what it's worth, I settled on $1149 for a Locus Design Nucleus. I tried cables in the price ranges of the other commenters, but I wasn't fully satisfied until the Locus came into my life...although I don't deny that the cables mentioned are of high quality as well.
you can start with the 120$ Furutech, only if your system is of $$$$$ value test something more expensive and with themoneyback option.