USB cable from external HD to Oppo BDP 103

Not trying to start a flame war here so bear with me.  I'm using a 1 TB Western Digital hard drive connected to my Oppo player with 
a UGreen Usb 3.0 cable.  I use this to play my hi rez music files.  The cable is better than the stock cable but probably not by much.

Now I've heard of usb cables making a difference in sound quality when used from a computer to dac but not external hard drive to player. 

Does anyone use a similar configuration and do you think a better cable makes a difference in sound quality?

Interesting observation about the WAV vs. Flac files through the OPPO.

I'll have to give that a try.
Wireworld makes a nice USB 3.0 cable, the Starlight 8 with their latest technology. Won't break the bank either. 
i am running a Audioquest Forest from a WD hard drive into my 103 and hard to tell vs. the stock WD usb cable.  i think money may be better spent with a high quality coax between the OPPO and the DAC.
Thanks.  I haven't bought a more expensive cable yet and agree that my money would better spent elsewhere.  Funny you suggest the higher quality digital cable because I have been looking at just that.  I am presently using a Bluejeans cable (Belden) and have been told I can do  better.  Any suggestions?