USB cable from external HD to Oppo BDP 103

Not trying to start a flame war here so bear with me.  I'm using a 1 TB Western Digital hard drive connected to my Oppo player with 
a UGreen Usb 3.0 cable.  I use this to play my hi rez music files.  The cable is better than the stock cable but probably not by much.

Now I've heard of usb cables making a difference in sound quality when used from a computer to dac but not external hard drive to player. 

Does anyone use a similar configuration and do you think a better cable makes a difference in sound quality?
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I have a similar configuration—I stream WAV files from an external hard drive to my Bryston BDP, or, when I want a little different flavor, to an Oppo 105. I’ve wondered the exact same question: does the cable from the hard drive feeding into the Bryston/Oppo make a difference and is there something out there that can better the stock cable that comes with the hard drive. These are not your typical audiophile USB cables in that the connection at the hard drive end is some kind of micro-connection. Good question.

Exactly my question.  The WD HD uses is a USB 3.0 so the hd end is different from the usual USB cable that is used from player to DAC or Computer to DAC.  

My understanding is that computer USB ports produce a lot of noise and so the theory is that a better designed usb cable will help eliminate or reduce the noise.  

I don't know if the same applies when just using an external hd whether Solid State or otherwise.  I'm sure that probably makes a difference as well.  


I would like to also mention that I’ve had my Bryston BDP for a few years and, while I initially pondered your question, after a while I decided not to pursue it. Both my transport and my Bryston BDP feed into the same DAC (a Bryston) and the difference in sound is very hard to discern (I actually do prefer one over the other, but I’m declining to get into that here). You might also be interested to know that if I feed the hard drive into the OPPO 105 (instead of into the Bryston BDP) the OPPO (to my ears) puts out discernably better sound if the files are WAV format instead of FLAC. Just some additional perspective.


Interesting observation about the WAV vs. Flac files through the OPPO.

I'll have to give that a try.
Wireworld makes a nice USB 3.0 cable, the Starlight 8 with their latest technology. Won't break the bank either. 
i am running a Audioquest Forest from a WD hard drive into my 103 and hard to tell vs. the stock WD usb cable.  i think money may be better spent with a high quality coax between the OPPO and the DAC.
Thanks.  I haven't bought a more expensive cable yet and agree that my money would better spent elsewhere.  Funny you suggest the higher quality digital cable because I have been looking at just that.  I am presently using a Bluejeans cable (Belden) and have been told I can do  better.  Any suggestions?