USB audio interface or D/A converter


I want to use a D/A to hear my CD Sony Changer (400 CD). I want to do this because when hearing it with my integrated amp and my speakers (Rotel RA-06 and JMLAB 807V) it sounds too bright. This problem does not happen when using as source a SB3. In several stores I was told that this is a problem with some Sony CD (the cheaper models)

Well, then I want to buy a USB D/A. I do not want to spend to much money < 600-700$, but I am a little confused here.

I work in Computing Science, and I am audiophile, but I am not a music expert...

Then, my question is if using a USB audio interface, I can do DAC, using the Sony charger, without using a soft (pass through mode?) in the computer...I only want to use the soft with the computer ocasionally (to play). I see several hard from Edirol (UA-25 and similar models), M-Audio or Apogee (Mini DAC)

I tried to read all the posts in this forum, and I am trying to learn as fast as I can

With many thanks in advance

You must use a DAC that works with your Sony Changer. If I remember correctly the Sony's come with a Toslink output and perhaps a SPDIF. So you cannot use USB.

You can find DACs that accept both USB and Toslink/SPDIF. Some will switch automatically depending on where the signal is coming from.

Probably the most cost effective thing to do is to rip all of the CDs in Sony to hard drive and just use the SB3 for everything. Even if you have to buy new hard drives, it will be less then half of what you are planning to spend on another DAC - and you already know that you like the sound of the SB3 - no guarantees with the Sony/DAC combo.

Yes, I suppose you are right....And this solution gives to me a great sound.

Anyway I think that it is interesting always to have a good CD player...

I have just seen two models from China called Yulong and Citypulse, DA2.03eIIe and my question is how can be compared for example to an Edirol UA interface...