USB Audio Card interferes with Wireless Keyboard

I am trying to use a Wireless USB keyboard and mouse with my Windows Vista computer to control Foobar. The problem I am having is that the USB wireless Keyboard/Mouse gets cutoff when the USB audiocard is connected. I have tried different cards and different wireless keyboards.

1) USB-out to Hag USB to Monarchy DIP to BelCanto DAC2 to preamp. Everything works fine until audio is played. As soon as I hit play on Foobar, the keyboard becomes completely unresponsive and the mouse becomes almost completely unresponsive. As soon as music stops playing, they both completely come back.

2) USB-out to Creative Labs Soundblaster USB's analog out directly to preamp. I hooked this up to try Room Eq Wizard. I noticed as soon as I hooked it up, that the keyboard and mouse stopped responding again. But, as soon as I unplugged the RCA cables from the Soundblaster analog out to the preamp, the keyboard and mouse came back. Soundblaster was still connected to the computer through USB.

If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate them. From reading online, I initially was thinking there was a USB bandwidth issue between the two, but with Vista you can check that, and during usage, they both take less than 15% of their respective ports. I also checked power usage of the audiocards, and that seems within limits too. With the introduction on the Soundblaster RCA unplugging, I am now guessing I have a short in the system somewhere, but am just guessing. Thanks for any help.

Pick up a Blue tooth keyboard and well for me. I've been using mine this way for nearly two years. There are also Media center remotes that will allow you to make selections in Foobar, J.River and the standard Windows Media player. I've never had any interference between USB devices.

I'm wondering if there are some settings goofed up. Now that I think about...any of those wireless keyboards should work without issue. What are you using as your audio output API?
Yeah, I dont know what the ones I use are broadcasting in. They are older and plug into a USB port. Maybe I will try a newer one and see if it is interference related.