USB A to B Cable to MDC DAC from PC

I need to run a USB 2.0 A to B cable from my Windows PC to my new NAD with an internal MDC DAC. Problem, I need 15'. When looking I get, "Any standard grade USB will work..." In looking at Audioquest or KImbe, etc. the price is too much for music from my PC.

I read the posts but did not locate a decent cable or custom shop for my needed long run. Appreciate any suggestions- Thanks
Cable Company lists a 3 meter AQ Pearl for $45 and a 5 meter for $69. Is that too much? If you call them, they almost always have good deals on used/demo/discontinued cables also.
I have to question such a long USB CABLE. The transmission loss could be significant. Most reputable manufacturers are reticent to guarantee perfect transmission beyond 2 meters. Make sure your cable is robust enough.
Belkin Pro series is a very good cable. And it won't break the bank. As far as transmission loss... 15 ft isn't long enough to diminish the signal. Good luck in your search.