Usage of Outer Ring

For those of you who use an Outer Ring to help control record warps, what are other positive sonic benefits and or negatives that you have observed when using the outer ring?
I have VPI [dealer] and TTWeight. They give a quieter background as they damp vibrations that would otherwise be reflected back to the stylus. Vacuum tables do the same thing. In general it is quite worthwhile in my opinion. But not all tables react the same. Two of my friends with Raven tables don't use them, think it makes the sound worse. More trouble to use but not that much. Try if you can and see what you think before buying.
I have a VPI Classic and am currently usisng the Stainless/Delrin clamp/wt with the supplied rubber washer. I had the opportunity to use the all stainless HRX wt and outer ring clamp. In regards to increased tracking ability by decreasing "warpage" they performed about the same. (I'm using a Benz ACE S which tracks pretty well already)Where I noticed the biggest difference was greater detail retrieval ie low level info with the HRX wt and outer ring clamp.(The SAME amount of increased detail retrieval on both warped and nonwarped records) I attribute this to better overall damping of the lp.

Thanks, John
I am using Clearaudio's own outer ring on my Maximum Solution. I would say the images and soundstage are more solid with the outer ring on.