USA v England--Aerial Acoustics 7T v. ProAc D40R

Okay folks, I have a good one for discussion. Michael at AA is very at what he does. My "twin" SW 12s were amazing (wish I still had them). ProAc, too, has quite a following. So, with the understanding that the new 7T is Michael's new efforts to make cabinet that doesn't muddle the music, and with the understanding that ProAc is making its own drivers now for the somewhat new D40R, who wins? Efficiency, detail, "musiciality", dynamics, speed, emotion, bass, mids, treble, all of it. Which is your desert island speaker and why?
ProAc has mastered both the cabinet and the drivers. Why would you want to go elsewhere?
Aerial all the way. The tweeters are magic.
Aerial is made better and a better value.
FYI ProAc charged $ 400.00 for a replacement tweeter for 3.5's. I have owened Aerial a/d/s for decades and never needed a tweeter. If there is a problem you can call Michael Kelly. In the last 15 years Aerial has had very view model changes which means better resale value. I can not count the differen models from ProAc.

ProAc makes great speakers , but I prefer to invest my Money in Aerial.
What do you guys think of the new Aerial 7t's?
I have auditioned both speakers, but not at the same time & in the same room & in the same system. However, without doing a direct A/B, I'd go for the ProAc's. I found the Aerial's a bit lean in the mid to upper bass. My impression is that the ProAc's have a bit more richness and liveliness on rock which suits my preferences. And there's something about the ProAc sound I really like. The Aerials are nice though.