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Paul at USA tube audio charge my credit card after I returned a Ayon power amp to him. He gave me a complete refund for the amp.It was return with in the two week test period. He sent me an email that stated I have to paid a fee for the 0% financing. The fee was for 471.15. He did not charge this fee until 3 weeks after the amp was returned, he sent me an email. This was a unauthorize charge to my card. I am fighting this charge now. This is how he rewards customer's who brought items from him is the pass if things do not go his way. Be careful when you deal with this company, you might end up with a surprise.
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Beth is right, the return policy couldn’t be any more clearer. 

“If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product for a refund of the purchase price, an in-house credit or exchange for another product within 15 days from the delivery date. A 20% restocking and handling fee will be charged to the purchaser on all of the above mentioned options. The 15 day in home audition period starts at the date of delivery - should client decide to return any product, the cost of shipping the unit to the client will be deducted from the refund. Freight, Financial Institution, Credit Card, PayPal, fees if any, will not be refunded.”
I agree with Elizabeth and lalitk, but having said that, I would be cautious about dealing with them too. I had an issue of a different nature that led me to distrust them and question their attitude towards their customers. 
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And I never received a contract from anyone .
I returned the amp within the 15 day period. This company is very dishonest .I have been buying my audio equipment online for a lot of years and never have any problems. I will not deal with this company again. P.S. The amp went back because it did not sound that good in the shootout, with other amps I was looking at.
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The seller’s return policy that lalitk posted says that any "Financial Institution" fee would not be refunded. Whoever loaned you the money so that you could take the amp home with 0% financing was probably a "Financial Institution" and if you’ve ever taken out a loan before, you know there are fees.

I’m not being critical of you, I’m trying to help you understand what happened so that you can avoid these problems in the future.

You are very lucky that the dealer gave you a full refund for the amp. He could have charged you a 20% restocking fee. I don’t know why he didn’t but you got lucky there.

Next time you "buy" an amp to use in a shootout, ask the dealer exactly what you will be charged if you bring it back. Best to get it in writing.

Look at it from the dealer’s point of view. He can’t spend hundreds of dollars so that you can borrow an amp for a shootout. Live and learn.
I would be cautious about dealing with them too. I had an issue of a different nature that led me to distrust them and question their attitude towards their customers.

+1  Me too.
I am done with the dealer so it will not happen again. Did not have this problem with any other dealer.
Had talk to Paul in advance about the return policy so I did not go into this blind. Quote just pay for the shipping if you return it. 
Do not have to pay anything. USA audio pulled a fast one and got caught . Case closed