USA - Europe Duties

There are several nice US audio components (namely cables) whithout dealers in Europe. The solution is buying from the manufacturer. Payment is no problem. Shipping is no problem either. My concern is duties... Is there any way to "solve" this problem? The only solution I know is to ask the manufacturer to declare a (much) minor price. Any other way?
i guess you could try a long-distance rum runner. sorry, don't know of any offhand.
Have the dealer write on the declaration card repair. I have had no problems thus far,Guam is US territory but papper work is has though this little rock is part of asia.
while some dealers may be accommodating enough to lie on duty declaration cards, perhaps thinking it's equivalent to "fudging" on tax returns, their doing so is a federal criminal offense. done repeatedly and knowingly, that offense may result in BIG fines, even imprisonment, and the inability to sell internationally in the future. as an illustrative analogy, colorado taxing authorities have put the bite on several audio dealers in our state over the years for "faking" out-of-state deliveries in order for the customer to avoid paying state sales taxes. a highend jeweler doing the same was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars; his customers also were made to "pay up." don't mean to be prudish here but "a word to the wise..."
Glad your here Kelly!