US vs Japanese Beatles remasters

Has yone compared the US and Japanese version of the Beatles remasters -- or the Euro versions? In the past, some music has sounded better to me on Japanese versions. Thoughts?
absolutely identical sound.
Don't whichever recordings cost the most always sound better to us even if they are not?
Not necessarily. Sometimes true, sometimes not.
The US version of the Monos, at least the first edition, are pressed in Japan. My entire mono box set was made in Japan. It was from the first 10K edition. I don't know whether that will be the case for the balance of whatever they produce. I also don't know if that applies to the stereo remasters.
No I have not heard the Japanese remasters. But I do agree with some that I think we sometimes convince ourselves a certain version sounds better if we had to pay more for it. We want to justify the cost, I guess.
Either versions sounds good for me, i dont have preferences on that case.