US dealer for Vitus

I am interested in the Vitus RI 100 but cannot find a US dealer. I am sure there must be 1 as it appears people on the forum have products from Vitus. I was unsuccessful with the website. If you know of any dealers please let me know. I am in Hawaii but California would be fine
Look here:
Analog Audio of Minnesota, that is the only one I know of. They delivered an RI100 to me to demo recently, really went out the their way.

The RI 100 is the unit I am interested in. Did you end up keeping it?
Last time I checked, Stanton Sound and Vision in NY.
I contacted Analog Audio of Minnesota. Very nice helpful guy.
No I did not. Not because I did not like it, I loved it but I also love my Herron separates and it seemed more of a sideways move. I liked the simplicity of the Vitus and it was one of the few amps that was as musical as the herron, the herrons perhaps a bit more musical/lush full sounding, the Vitus maybe a little more dynamic and detailed. I decided that I would save up and look at the Vitus SIA-025 integrated and reference phono stage in a few years.
Thanks again.