US connectors with 220/240v

Can I use US sockets & plugs with Europe 220/240v ? This is with the understanding that the apparatus can accept 220/240v.

I have many cables with the US standard and before changing them to schuko maybe would be best to use as is juts adapt the power distributor; fit oen schuko to plug into mains at wall

yes you can.

I am on assignment here in Singapore where British style 220V is the standard. many dealers here changed their outlet to US style 110V receptacle and use US style 110V power cords because US style plug has more "bite" and sounds better.

I did exactly that, I built a power distributor so I can continue to use my US power cords on 220V electronics.
Timnaim, are you now living in the US and moving to Europe?

Is your equipment 120V?

If so you will need a step down transformer that will step down the 240V to 120V. On the 120V side you then can use NEMA 5-15R or 5-20R receptacles and your power cords......

If on the other hand you are living in Europe and have 240V audio equipment then in that case you would need to check with the "powers" of that country. As for the USA 120V receptacles and plugs can only be used on 120V. It's a safety thing. Even though the receptacle and plug would work on 240V it would be dangerous to do so here in the US. And as for the US the NEMA 5-15R and 5-20R receptacles and NEMA 5-15P and NEMA 5-20P plugs are only listed for 120V.
I am in australia with same issue - I changed one dedicated wall plug over to a US style plug and then ran my equipment of a Essence - REFERENCE POWER DISTRIBUTOR. works fine and means i can run all usa cables. Also believe this product can be ordered with a Schuko plug and US receptacles.
I am indonesia. done the same thing as Gaw370, change my wall plug to us plug. and you can have more options on trying more power chord. as us version has larger varieties in used item as well (agon). worth the effort.

grip well too. all my equipment is 220-240v tho.
Yes, the standard of the US plugs and sockets is generally high and if you are using say hospital grade stuff it will pass the tests used in 230V countries, though may be technically illegal. So your insurance could be useless if you burn your house down. BUT, some US power cords are dangerous to use in 230V countries as some cables used in US power cords are rated too low to be safe (eg at 300V). You should ask the manufacturer for the voltage rating and only use cables rated at 500V and above IMO.
Redkiwi, is US PC tht rated at 300v very common in highend PC? thanks for the info. will be caution in the future.
I have come across a few when enquiring of the manufacturers of the PCs I was looking at. I ended up with vhaudio airsine because Chris was very credible in his statements about voltage ratings (and they are very nice cables too). Some said 'no way should you use our cables on 230V'.
I'm using VH Audio Airsine and Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha both with US 3-prong on 230V. I've also used MIT Oracle AC2 US 3-prong and they are in fact specifically rated for up to 240V operation iirc (it's marked on the red paper ring around the male lead).