US/Canada Customs Fees

I am considering a purchase of a used amp from Canada, value about US$4000. If I had it shipped UPS to the Canadian border, picked it up in Canada and carried it through US Customs, what kind of fees would I expect to pay to Customs (duties, taxes, etc)? Thanks.
If it was manufactured in the US or Canada there will be no duty because of NAFTA. There might be a handling fee if you ship it UPS or Fedex.
If you decide to ship across the border, the key is to make sure that the seller specifically writes on the declaration papers (vs the ups or fedex documents) that it was made in Canada or the US (assuming it was) and that it will be used for personal use. For heavy speakers I recently used fedex international economy air and all went very well doing the above.
I just had a DAC shipped from Canada, by UPS, and UPS sent me a bill for $29 for "brokerage service charges". UPS is notorious for padding their profits in this way, and should be avoided like the plague in cross-border shipping, IMHO.
Tom is correct - use FedX. USPS insured parcel post won't ding you either. er, Canada post that is...
Do a search of the forum archives - this topic has been covered quite exhaustively.
the only fee- carrying it over will be a brokerage fee which is peanuts compared to the cost of the amp. ensure it is made in Canada or US
Thanks for the responses. Actually this is a specific topic that I have not seen discussed on this forum. I will restate the question.
I am asking about carrying and declaring used, private sale items across the border from Canada to US (ie in the back seat of my car). If I purchased a used audiophile item with value of US$4000 (made in Canada), what fees if any should I expect to pay at the border crossing? I guess this question is directed at those of us who live near the border. Thanks again.
I just read on US Customs website that they will collect a duty based on declared value. First $400 is exempt. The next $1000 (up to $1400) will have a duty of 1.5%. Anything over $1400 will have a different rate depending on location. The exemption can be doubled to $800 if you travel with a US buddy. God this is a great country.
Any other first hand experiences?
from my personal experiences, if you buy gears from US and ship it into Canada for perosnal use, you still have to pay so called "brokerage fee". I was charged by ups.
did this experience concurrent with yours?
I purchased a Minidisk recorder from a Canadian seller value under $300, shipped UPS, when the UPS came to my door they charged me an extra $50.
Same story-Bought a CD player from Canada and got a $46 UPS bill,in addition to my shipping costs.The seller denied any responsibility in the matter although he was a dealer.
The truth is out there somewhere!
Have you tried taking the amp over to the US yet ? I work in the states, but live in Canada. I can easily bring the equipement accross any time in my car, but what do they charge you for taxes or dutie if the products are made in US/Canada ?
The sale did not go through so I don't have first hand experience.
Per my 6/13 post there is a duty based on declared value (with receipt) over $400, independent of NAFTA. However I do not understand if this applies to private sales of used equipment. There may or may not be an additional fee if the equipment was produced in a non-NAFTA country, I still don't know for certain. I would hate to be surprised with an extra duty at the border, therefore I will not be purchasing non-NAFTA items from Canada until this is known to me.