Uriah Heep "Sweet Freedom" BMG/Sanctuary Records reissue

No matter what cartridge/turntable I use, my BMG/Sanctuary Records reissue of Uriah Heep "Sweet Freedom" sounds awful (HF distortion, excessive sibilants, etc.). By comparison, 'Look at yourself' on the same label sounds quite good.

Any opinions on the original or close to original issue of Sweet Freedom  LP on Bronze Records? Is it devoid of such nasties?
You´ve great taste for music : )

Buy a copy of the original UK edition, Bronze ILPS 9245:

All Castle LP reissues suffer from peaky, some more or less sibilant sound, except "Look at Yourself" CLALP 107 which is the finest of all Castle reissues with dynamic, clean nice sound:


Happy collecting 

I have majority of original Heep issues.
Some UK, some USA.

All sound as good as the recording of that time period allows... So pretty darn good for the most part!

Sweet Freedom is ok but Magicians Birthday and Demons & Wizards are better SQ imho.
I will probably inspect a mint 1973 Japanese copy in a local record store, though it's rather expensive (nearly $100).