Urgent - Totem speakers for Krell

Hi all,

I'm using Krell 400xi and looking to replace my speakers with either Totem Hawk or Forest.
I have an option for a 2 years old Forest (Demo), which I heard and liked a lot (but not yet with my Krell).
I can also buy a new pair of Hawks (which I didn't hear yet), for almost the same price.

I'd appreciate any feedback from people who auditioned both speakers (preferably with a Krell amp).

I hooked up my Forests with 300i model. They mated great but with higher power they will work even better.
should be made in heaven
I concur, any totem (floor or monitor model) works well with Krell amps. They deliver the Krell's wonderful bass authority with clean, tight resolution. In other words...the boom boom is nice.
No question about it, go with the Forest. The Hawk is a better match for warmer sounding components like Rega, Naim, etc...
I have had all their models from hawks to Sharmans.
I later found out that the Hawks have different drivers than the Forests,Winds and Sharmans. The best speaker for the money are the winds. They are two deminsional and have great bass but if their price is to high then go with the Forests. You will get the deal like the wind and later you can add a sub for the bass. Do not waste you money on the
i have had many different totem speakers and still have the mani 2's, and the
totem in-walls for my den. IMO, the mani 2's sound better than the prior
version winds, and are much better than the forest and hawks if you have the
right front end equipment. i'm not sure on the newer version of the winds.
also, check out the model 1's or model one, they don't require the power the
mani's do, and they are more musical than the hawks or forests. depending on
your room, you might need a sub (tight fast sub) for the model 1 or model
one, like a REL.
BTW I was also thinking to go integrated from separates seeing 400Xi used for only $1.5k but still can't stop thinking about Wyred4Sound integrated. How they would compare against each other? Does 400Xi have high heat issues?
I am using the 400xi with the Forests and it is a good combination. Did not hear it with the Hawks.

Marakanetz - The 400xi gets fairly warm but certainly does not have high heat issues.
I just heard the Hawks with the Krell & didn't like it.
Both the bass & the mid-heights were too extreme.
After a while the speakers were exhausting...

Unfortunatly the Forests were sold, so I'll have to go with a new pair.

Is it worth the $3.5K or should I wait for another used/demo?

Thank you all for you help !
They're not worth $3.5k.
Look for the better deal.
I got mine in 2001 for $2200.
Realistically I'd look for no more than $2700 for new or clean demo.

the Krell 400xi is a powerful amp it drives my power hungry B&w 803Ds

I wanted the Totems, the dealers were too far from me plus I got the B stock B&Ws at a great price i couldn't refuse

The Forests I bet, would be a great match with the Krell!!

good luck to you