URGENT limited offer, Paradigm 15 v1 faulty $275?

Hi all,

Would really appreciate any input ASAP as to whether this is a good offer? I am struggling to find the value of this sub in a faulty condition and even in used working condition is quite difficult.
The fix sounds pretty simple, the amp is creating audable hum but works.
I am hoping to get the price down under $200, but either way is this a deal you would jump for?

subject line $275 than $200 how about $100?
Broken anything isn't a guaranteed easy fix no matter how its described. I would be quite reluctant. Aren't there reasonable subs for $275.00 or there abouts, I would buy a working one for that money.
the fix of humm in the sub amp which is most-likely digital maynot be fun at all. replacing the board completely may be the most-likely situation if problem lies beyond DC filter caps(not cheap as well).
Crapshoot. It could require a replacement amp or it could merely be a loose ground connectio (as I had in mine). Get the price as low as possible to increase your odds of success.