Urgent first speakers choose found a good deal


I'm new to the forum, I'm trying to choose my first good pair of speakers.

I'm traveling in germany and I have found a decent deal that I'm supposed to close tomorrow.

I have found a pair of Jbl Ti1000 that probably no one of you knows, but they were suppose to be highend speakers in 1995, sold for approx 2000 euro.
I found them used for 350 euro in good conditions.

Link to detail:

My question is, shall I buy them or buy something else new for that price?
For JBL questions

You should the Lansing Heritage website, you can check in marketplace.

IIRC, that was a non-US model so I'd guess that most folks on this US-centric site are unlikely to have heard them. I have not, but I do seem to recall a gray market offer in the US that caught my eye.

I believe that they were closed out and offered new at a steep discount as JBL discontinued the model in the mid to late 1990s. I never pursued it, but I want to say that they were available under 1500 USD.

Caveat: I'm not 100% sure.

I'd rather get a fair deal on a great pair of speakers than a great deal on a fair pair of speakers....