Urgent: Dedicated line?

Hello, I'll call the electrician to install 4 dedicated lines in my room, and I really need your help 1. What's size of wire should I use? Brand? Bare or shield wire? 2. Should I run 220V from the main breaker to the submain and from the submain to the outlet or should I run directly each outlet from the main breaker (I have plenty of room at the main breaker? What's the advantage of each way? 3. Should I ground separately each line if I run directly each outlet from the main breaker? 4. What's about the phase? what's phase should I use? If you have done a dedicated line, please give me your recipe, so I can show to the electrician do it for me. I'm new on this one, so please help. Thank you very much. Dutran

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I can't help with details on the dedicated line per se, but would urge that you do a dedicated ground at the same time if at all possible, and solid core wire of at least 10 gauge should be used for that. I had a dedicated line in, and then added the ground, first 12 gauge--didn't do much--then 10 gauge--did a lot. This is the third wire ground. With the good advice I'm sure you'll get from others, you should end up with a big improvement.