Urgent: Dedicated line?

Hello, I'll call the electrician to install 4 dedicated lines in my room, and I really need your help 1. What's size of wire should I use? Brand? Bare or shield wire? 2. Should I run 220V from the main breaker to the submain and from the submain to the outlet or should I run directly each outlet from the main breaker (I have plenty of room at the main breaker? What's the advantage of each way? 3. Should I ground separately each line if I run directly each outlet from the main breaker? 4. What's about the phase? what's phase should I use? If you have done a dedicated line, please give me your recipe, so I can show to the electrician do it for me. I'm new on this one, so please help. Thank you very much. Dutran
You e-mail me at audio 4 fun, at, hotmail, dot, com I will do my best to help you.
I can't help with details on the dedicated line per se, but would urge that you do a dedicated ground at the same time if at all possible, and solid core wire of at least 10 gauge should be used for that. I had a dedicated line in, and then added the ground, first 12 gauge--didn't do much--then 10 gauge--did a lot. This is the third wire ground. With the good advice I'm sure you'll get from others, you should end up with a big improvement.
Hi, Use 10 gauge wire, solid core COPPER, NOT NON-METALLIC!, all run back to the circuit breaker. Keep them in phase, and use an individual breaker, not double, per run. Try to place them at the "beginning" or input area of your box. Your electrician will argue, but you should get a dedicated ground for these runs by burying a 5-6ft+ copper rod and use that for the ground of these circuits. Use hospital Bryants or Leviton outlets. Been through it all, this is what works and sound best. Better than any component upgrade, especially the dedicated ground.
If you want the Very Best get 10 guage standed silver plated teflon covered copper wire. Its whats in the Powersnakes. Its a industrial grade wire used in high performance aircraft. I boutght some at $1.08 per foot and it make a hedge difference with 2 decated lines and a decated ground going into my preamp. It is avialable at www.stormproducts.com. Part #1180-10-37/26. I bought it direct about 6 months ago. I really what alot of powercord manufactures use and its Very, Very Good. John